Create a Strong, Aligned Company Culture

Employee Engagement

Novareté engages and aligns employees around company values using always-on technology to strengthen culture and drive performance.

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Awareness Isn't Enough - What Do Your Values Mean?

Novareté moves your organization's core values out of the handbook and into your culture. Our online platform helps to promote your vision and values to create stronger relationships, encourage team harmony, and boost overall performance.

Research shows that the most successful companies go beyond simply talking about values - they actively infuse their values to influence day-to-day behavior.

Translate Your Values
Into Performance

By fully integrating a strong and defined value system, Novareté can help your business reach its full potential.

How It Works

Novareté provides the tools and support that bring your organization's values to life. 

Novareté uses Kudos, Contributions, Dilemmas, and Point Standings to engage your team and foster a deeper understanding of your values, and the Wiki provides an expert knowledge base that defines and explains organizational values.

Novareté reinforces your company's total commitment to culture being... 

  • Continually available through the online platform and mobile apps.
  • Measureable using the Analytics Dashboard and Ve.Q™ comparisons.
  • Visual on Novareté TV and a friendly user interface. 
  • Engaging with kudos and gamification.
  • Relevant to all; especially millennials.

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How It Works