Novareté Enables Measurement of Company Culture

Detailed Analytics

Dive into the Novareté database to get multi-dimensional views of your member usage and alignment - demographics, groups, departments, year-to-year comparisons - organized the way you want to see it.











Find the Gaps

The Values-Ethics Quotient™ (Ve.Q) of individuals or groups can be calculated, measured, and compared over time to find areas of alignment and misalignment. 

The Ve.Q™ can help identify future leaders, team gaps, and the fit of new hire candidates.



Implementation Options

Keep your team engaged with Novareté by using it as your intranet or integrate with your existing intranet. Make Novareté news visible to everyone by using the TV display option, providing another channel to reinforce your relevant messages.

Novarete TV Display Implementation

Cloud Technology Animation

Cloud Technology

Novareté, centrally hosted in the cloud, is always at your fingertips. Everyone across your organization can participate and contribute 24/7 via computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with internet access.