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Why Are You Destroying Your Chances At Managing Millennials?

Posted by Vincent Nyamu


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“Where is Charles? Has anyone seen Charles?” Tony asked everyone at the meeting. Being one of the youngest in the room, I knew our CEO was not too fond of managing millennials, substantiated by his next question to...

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What does Engaged Mean? A Simple Tool For Your Missing Answers [part 3 of 3]

Posted by Vincent Nyamu

The Right Tool

What does engaged mean? You've learned why engagement is important [part 1]and also who is a part of an engaged culture [part 2] but what do you do now? As the famous martial artist and philosopher, Bruce Lee once  said,


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What Does Engaged Mean? Obliterating the Engagement Spectrum [part 2 of 3]

Posted by Vincent Nyamu


Congratulations! If you've read Part One, you understand the importance of employee engagement and are on the road to cultivating a winning culture. You know the answer to “what does engaged mean” and why it is important. But how do you create...

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What Does Engaged Mean? One Easy Way to Increase Profits [part 1 of 3]

Posted by Vincent Nyamu

Employee Engagement - one of the most discussed buzzwords when it comes to company culture and considered one of the highest determining factors of a company's success. Yet, what does engaged mean?


I like to take care of my body. But no matter...

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“What you think you become.” Mahatma Gandhi

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