Novareté Consulting Services for Businesses

In addition to the Novareté software, a menu of optional consulting services is offered to:

  • Achieve consensus on values at the highest level in your organization
  • Determine the degree of employee alignment with your values
  • Help increase alignment with future employees and leaders

Customized services are also available to help your senior leadership team clarify, unify, and reinforce your organization’s values and enhance your corporate culture.

Achieve Values Consensus

Values Definition and Alignment – Archival Analysis

Conducting a comprehensive analysis of all relevant company documents provides understanding and clarification of corporate values. This includes examining the Employee Handbook, Managerial Policy Manual, recruitment materials, new employee onboarding and socialization procedures and resources, ancillary marketing materials, Annual Report, the company website, and other stakeholder interfacing documents. A thorough review of the corporate values that are being communicated will determine whether a consistent, unified message is being conveyed. An executive report and presentation of the findings are delivered.

Values Definition and Alignment – Senior Leadership Interviews and Workshop

Individual interviews are conducted with select senior executives to obtain their views on the organization’s core values, company norms, examples of positive and negative employee behaviors, and the strengths and weaknesses of the corporate culture. The findings are analyzed and delivered back via a half-day workshop with the Senior Leadership Team. Identification of next steps and accountabilities are discussed.

Determine Employee Alignment

Novareté Values Awareness Survey™

An assessment of the workforce provides data that indicates employees’ understanding of the organization’s core values. Results are summarized and provided in an executive report.

Employee Values Awareness and Corporate Culture Workshops

Work teams (e.g. departments, functional areas) participate in a series of two half-day values workshops and team building activities. The first workshop examines participants’ awareness of the organization’s values, their importance in shaping individual and team behaviors, and their impact on organizational performance. The second workshop devotes special attention to discussing the integral roles they each play in enhancing company culture and performance.

Novareté Employee Engagement Survey™

One of the best ways to determine the effectiveness of company culture is to assess the engagement level of employees. Such a nonfinancial barometer can shed insight on factors influencing organizational performance. The assessment can be given to employees both “before” and “after” the administration of Novareté dilemmas, providing a measure of the change in engagement over time. The assessment can also be delivered following the initial 6-month dilemma period to gauge the level of workforce engagement at the present time.

The Novareté Employee Engagement Survey™ measures nine drivers of engagement, including confidence in senior leadership, relationship with immediate manager, opportunities for personal growth. The 33-item assessment takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. The client receives a report of mean driver scores, as well as mean item scores within each driver, and a summary of the findings is also delivered in a management presentation. Afterward, follow-up workshops are conducted to provide feedback to employees, and there is also action planning to enhance identified problem engagement drivers.

Assess Hiring and Promotion Programs

Values-Based Selection

Selecting job candidates with the technical skills and leadership competencies required for each role in the company is critical. Once the applicant pool has been winnowed down, making an additional effort to identify candidates who embody the organization’s values can be extremely helpful in the selection process. Developing specific questions to ask during the interview process will help your Human Resources Department and Talent Management Function identify applicants who understand and support your company’s values and corporate culture.

Values-Based Succession Planning and Leadership Development

Create a process to identify, develop, and promote those managers who are most supportive of your organization’s values and culture. Our 360-degree feedback assessment tool enables managers to receive constructive input from various stakeholders on how they are perceived from an ethical and corporate values perspective.