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Novareté weekly ethical dilemmas give employees “practice swings” at how they would handle difficult situations, plus a way to share their perspectives. Novareté takes culture beyond self-assessment surveys, offering real context to let employees place themselves in a situation and choose their action.


"What would you do?" Employees use response choices to gauge their understanding of your company values and their own values. Expert evaluation will be offered to prompt thinking and debate.


Surveys are useful, but aren't nearly as engaging or high impact as weekly Dilemmas.

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Benchmarking Dilemmas

How does your dilemma response compare to your peers? See how many answered like you vs. selecting other response choices.

How aligned are you with the organization?

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Values Alignment — Organization vs. Individual

How does your response compare to the values of your organization? How closely aligned are you with the values of your company or university? The alignment score will tell you.

Discussion — Debate dilemmas

Got an opinion? Don't agree with the majority? Want to discuss the extenuating circumstances? Start a conversation or join the debate anonymously.

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Not only can you recognize someone for putting your organization's values into action, you can let everyone know about it. What a great way to give a colleague some well-deserved appreciation.


This is the ethics encyclopedia. Access this expert knowledge base to understand the terminology, meaning, and vocabulary of ethics.

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Point System

Participate — give a kudo, respond to a dilemma, debate a point of view — all of this counts toward your participation points. Check the Leaderboard to see where you rank compared to peers, groups, or your entire organization.


Share relevant news, inspiring quotes, photos, and more. Keep everyone across your organization informed, engaged, and involved by using Novareté as your central hub of communication.

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