Dr. Fulvio Di Blasi is an internationally renowned scholar in the field of applied philosophy and business ethics, and provides the ethics content for Novareté. He is Founder and President of the Thomas International Project, President of the Thomas International Association in Italy, and Co-Director of the Thomas International Center in Raleigh, NC.

Graduating with honors from the University of Milan, he received a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Law from the University of Palermo and concluded post-doctoral research at the Internationale Akademie fuer Philosophie in the Principality of Liechtenstein. In 2000 the Italian National Council of Research (CNR) awarded him a fellowship to conduct research on natural law theory. In the same year, he was appointed Visiting Scholar and Research Associate at the University of Notre Dame and was later appointed Adjunct Professor, teaching ethics and philosophy courses. Since 2003, he has taught ethics, philosophy, and law classes at the LUMSA Law School (Palermo), the University of Palermo, and the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome.

Dr. Di Blasi is also Partner in the company ADR Forum, in which he serves as Scientific Coordinator, Professional Mediator, and Professor of Mediation credited by the Italian Ministry of Justice. He has been a consultant for several mediation companies, lead organizer for international conferences on ethics, and has given papers in several leading universities both in Europe and the US, including Oxford and La Sorbonne. He founded bioethics and mediation journals for his profession, and he serves as contributor, reviewer, editor, and board member in several other philosophical journals and book series. Dr. Di Blasi has more than 100 publications including books, essays, editorials, and encyclopedia entries related to ethics, business, law and philosophy. He is also Partner and Senior Attorney in the Di Blasi Law Firm in Palermo, Italy.