Reach New Heights with a Unified Pursuit of Excellence

Novareté is an ethics engine designed to define, align, and reinforce your
organization's core values.

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We Bring the Shared Vision
Into Focus

Novareté moves your organization's core values out of the handbook and into your culture where it serves as a guidepost for excellence. Our online platform works with your current values framework to create stronger relationships, encourage team harmony, and boost overall performance.

Research shows that strong, shared principles allow us to react quickly and confidently to new challenges. That's why the most successful organizations go beyond simply talking about values - they actively infuse their values to influence day-to-day behavior.

Translate Your Values
Into Performance

By fully integrating a strong and defined value system, Novareté can help your business or university reach its full potential.

Novareté for Business

• Providing a solid foundation on which to build a strong, unified, and effective company culture by clarifying and aligning employee behaviors to the organization's values

• Strategically emphasizing to the marketplace that the business is values-driven by directly communicating and reinforcing the importance of your company's values to employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders

• Engaging employees in ongoing team building activities that transcend departmental, functional, and other organizational boundaries

• Enhancing the ability to recruit, select, and promote high-integrity, trustworthy, and talented people

• Providing a scientific metric to assess employee understanding and internalization of organizational values

• Establishing a "North Star" to guide organizational strategy as well as day-to-day decision-making

Novareté for Education

• Building a strong, unified academic culture that aligns students, faculty, and staff to the values and mission of the institution

• Enabling the institution to communicate and clarify its values and culture in a systematic, engaging way during important periods of change such as new student orientation, homecoming, or spring break

• Engaging students in an ongoing social media-based activity that transcends the classroom, regardless of academic major, year in school, residence, or other educational boundaries

• Providing an analytical metric to measure students' learning, understanding, and internalization of the institution's values

• Enabling an academic instituition to build a "community of scholars" who represent it to the outside world in a unified, consistent, and positive manner

• Enhancing admissions practices to attract undergraduate and graduate students who are aligned with the core values and educational mission

• Projecting the values-driven campus culture in an engaging, online system to students, parents, alumni, community and government leaders, and citizens at large

How It Works

Novareté provides the tools, forum, and support materials that can bring your organization's values to life. By seamlessly linking your own value system to a universal ethics framework, we can create a custom platform that helps define, align and reinforce those values that lead to excellence.

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Weekly ethical questions that are engaging and relevant prompt discussion, thought, and a deeper understanding of your organization's values.


Peer to peer praise for implementing shared values fosters strong relationships and reinforces a culture of high ethical standards.


Reference and support materials offer a robust perspective on the role values play in personal and organizational success.

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